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July 3, 2022



Dear Friends & Family,
We hope that you will join us on July 3, 2022  
in Naramata, British Columbia, Canada for our wedding.
Please save the date! 

Naramata is a quaint, lake-front town located in the Okanagan Valley where,
before meeting Ben, Danielle spent her summers. In 2017, Danielle brought Ben to Naramata for the first time, and he, too, fell in love with the region after experiencing its beauty and witnessing the joy that Danielle felt when there. Together we have made our own Naramata memories from cycling and boating adventures, extreme water tubing, local wine tastings and joyrides in
Danielle’s mom’s red 67' Mustang convertible.  

We have imagined what fun it would be to get married in Naramata
since Ben’s second visit there. Fast forward a couple years,
and we can't believe we finally get to do just that!

We are excited that you will see and experience this magical place with us.
The Okanagan Valley is a region in British Columbia that is known for its
award-winning wines, picture perfect vineyards, bountiful fruit orchards, and ideal sunny summer weather. The area offers amazing outdoor activities. The biking & hiking trails have incredible lake and mountain vistas. Lake activities and water sports abound. The wedding events will take place in both the town of
Naramata and the nearby city of Penticton.

We will keep this website updated with wedding information, Okanagan Valley travel options, and our recommendations for accommodations and activities.

Much Love,

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